Great Shelter
Great Shelter is the leading fabric building supplier in China, with about 15 years experience in this industry. Our products can be used as Industrial Shelter, Commercial Shelter, Large Warehouse, Container Shelter, Boat Shed, Aircraft Hangar, Mining Workshop Shelter, Vehicle Shelter, Horse Shelter.

We have the professional manufacturing workshops in this industry in China, including three big cold working workshops, one large scale fabric manufacturing workshop, two professional packing workshops. Our fabric manufacturing workshop can manufacture the all-in-one whole roof cover of the 100 meters long large warehouse shelter.

Besides the comprehensive range of products we now have for your choices, our professional engineer team and strong technical supports allow us to have the ability to design and produce according to customers' different requests!

We are always dedicated to advanced production technology, excellent shelter design, and strict quality control to guarantee qualified products. Our products are warmly welcomed in many countries across the world.

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